All Natural Deodorant - AGAVE MINT

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Stay fresh all day long with Primal Element's amazing all-natural agave mint-body deodorant.
  • The mint-body deodorant features the fragrance of sweet, creamy vanilla wrapped in a field of fresh, crisp mint.
  • Our new mint deodorant is aluminum-free, baking soda, alcohol-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. This unique formula is rich in natural oils and nourishes the skin with gentle odor protection.
  • Making the switch to an all-natural paraben-free deodorant takes some time. Instead of blocking the pores with a harsh chemical like aluminum to prevent sweating, natural deodorant allows the skin to breathe and sweat to get rid of harmful toxins. You will sweat with a natural deodorant but don’t despair; this is a good thing! As your body detoxes, it keeps the bacteria away; and that helps eliminate the odor.
  • 2.65 oz. (75g). Made in the USA.

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