Bars with Benefits™

Our “Bars with Benefits™” are uniquely handcrafted soaps that feature natural ingredients that swirl through the bar. Whether it is added vitamins, anti-oxidant protection, detoxification or gentle exfoliation, these bars combined with our fabulous vegetable glycerin soap base provides added moisturization and hydration to refresh and cleanse the skin.


We Are Certified...

And Here is What it Means

We are proud to be named the first “Certified Sustainable Business” in the City of Huntington Beach. Please read on to understand what this certification actually means.

The Huntington Beach Sustainable Business Certification Program promotes the achievement of a healthier and cleaner environment by helping businesses integrate environmental responsibility into their operations in a manner that is sustainable and profitable. The program is a voluntary certification program that recognizes businesses that implement sustainability initiatives in the areas of waste reduction, water conservation, energy efficiency and pollution prevention. Primal Elements took an early initiative and was one of the first businesses to become a “Huntington Beach Sustainable Business” and is currently certified at the highest level of certification, platinum which means it has gone above and beyond the basic certification requirements.

Children's Hunger Fund

We believe in the importance of giving back to our community. They deliver food and aid to suffering children and their families in the U.S. and 24 countries around the world.

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